The Malfunctions EP


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With her debut release Kopano's first EP titled THE MALFUNCTIONS EP is about smoking for love, the upsets of youth, self discovery and renewal


released June 11, 2017

Ronnie Abboud and Joe Kelly- Recording
Josh Farrimond, Liam Kennington, Giuliano Macri, Ronnie Abboud and Zoe McGivern - Instrumentation
Sam Ford/Tone City Recording- Mixing
Brian Lucey/Magic Garden Mastering- Mastering
Umairah Murtaza/sakidasumi- Cover Art



all rights reserved


KOPANO Perth, Australia

I am KOPANO, Renegade of Funk and Pop creating music based on Freedom + Heartbreak in Perth

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Track Name: I Don't Mind
Verse One:
We need some fascination
To spark up conversation
So we gave up love to live in charcoal skies
I lost all my direction
To the pain of your affection
So I numbed those tears with the liquor and the lies

I don't mind lighting up a cigarette with you
As long as I can feel your touch on mine
I don't mind choking on my ashes till I am blue
I would rather, I'd die young and I'd die with you
Yet I know you wouldn't care if I do

Verse Two:
So I guess that Heaven is just an illusion
When you are in a state of confusion
But I still let those kisses be my guide
And when it all ended
I still touched and I pretended
In order to hear those tender sighs
Track Name: Malfunctions
Verse One
I'm just a figure stuck in motion
I try to escape it every day and every night
But there's no need to fear emotions
Cos it don't mean that I won't put up a fight for you
And in time we grow closer
But it never turns out like it could
I can't forgive I can't correct you
Oh these Malfunctions they hurt like they should

The more I give the more I try
I walk a little further into the light
The more I feel myself losing my mind
It hurts me every time
Oh I seek the better truth
It leads me back to you
It tells me I've upset my youth
Cos the more I learn the more I find
You were never never mine

Verse Two
Our love is a gravitation
It pulls me in till I'm consumed
But there's no need for hesitation
To do what's right what's wrong or good
And when time's finally broken
And there is nothing more for us to come
With one slight malfunction
We pack our bags and then we run
Track Name: White Canvas
Verse One
Thought you could change me
For my skin and my face
But I am a white canvas already erased
Thought you could love me
For my ins and my outs
But I am a white canvas so why would you put out

Sometimes in the night I would find you so beautiful
Sometimes it was harder to recall
Most times in the night with you I could feel like I was whole
But honestly I didn't notice the flaws
I didn't know you at all

Verse Two
Thought I was worth it
You could of paid the price
But I am a white canvas there's no beauty just lies
Thought I was different
Something so unique
But I am a white canvas there's no beauty just bleak

You take my body and my insides
Oh and you wrap them up so tightly into a ball
You had the chance to colour up my life
But you left me with no colours at all
And I thought that you'd be a friend to call my own
But honestly I didn't notice the flaws I didn't know you at all
Track Name: Wired Tears
Verse One:
Darling can you hear me now?
Darling don't you waste another day crying
Because I know you'll survive this war
Oh Darling can I hold you in my arms a little longer
Before you leave me for the haze of your computer screen tonight
Don't let those lies take you away

Oh I've seen wired tears as they fall upon your cheek
I've heard so many stories that have made you so weak
Yet I wish I could be there to pull out the plug but I am not
So I'm hoping you'll have a little more love

Verse Two
My Darling don't you shut down from the world
Or even log off from your friends and from your home
Just stay as you are my darling
My little star

Type it out in capital letters just saying help
I'll copy it and past it to a message
Maybe I will send it
And if you don't get no reply
I promise I will be there by your side